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Our Verified REVIEWS

Our Verified REVIEWS

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Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Trainer

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Jennifer Rochon

Under Armour Personal Trainer

Kaye Skromeda

Fitness Coach

Janey Brown

Inspirational Speaker & Coach

Riley Beauchamp

High Performance Coach

Rebecca Reznicki

Yoga Instructor

Based on 45 reviews
Full Spectrum CBD Vape
Nikolas Bradfield
Loved the vape

Loved the flavour and the buzz. I think it run out pretty quickly even though I don't vape a lot, I noticed as well that it leaks a bit on the side when it's not sided up, in my pocket for example. Should be getting more probably, I can't seem to find many decent cbds vapes.

CBD Isolate Gummies
Stephanie Senjack

Great taste and seems to help when anxiety comes around

CBD Isolate Gummies
Robert Murphy
cbd gummies

Made me feel worse, not for me was hoping the'd work!

Delta 8 is Great !

Did the job just fine. Smoke the real deal daily. This was a great substitute for the real deal, and best part is, you don't stink after.

Amazing products

We tried CBD gummies and drops. They all worked for anxiety, pain and sleep. I would highly recommend to others to try if you are struggling. The price is great too.

Re: Gummies 9 max

Some relief with my pain. The gummies may not be strong enough or long lasting enough. Love the taste of the gummies.

Re: Gummies 9 max

Some relief with the gummies. I think I need more relief for my pain.

Haven’t received it yet


It has completely leaked what a waste of money

RE: Enjoy the taste of the gummies

I think I need something stronger for the arthtis pain.

CBD Isolate Oil - THC Free Relief Drops

Delta 8 THC Gummies
Pierre Perreault
I receive nothing

I have not received my order

RE: Love the taste

Not sure the gummies reduce the pain.

Delta 8 THC Gummies
Elly Thibert
Delta 8

Haven’t tried 8 yet but really enjoying the 9!


MaxxCanna was very prompt in delivery of my order. CBD oil is part of my post chemo care.

tasty but..........

nothing so far?

Taste great and effective

Great for relaxation and a good sleep. Taste very good as well.

400mg CBD Gummies

Tasty gummies but they don't have much of a affect on me. I would take 2 gummies and didn't much pain relief n my wrist. Quite frankly, NSAId work better for pain relief

CBD isolate gummies

Smooth and relaxing. Nothing crazy that you notice you just feel at ease

Delta 9 THC Gummies
Melinda Brady
Very good high!

Very nice and smooth high! Relaxe but alert! Excellent

I love this! Gotta try it.

Smooth, tasty, true terpenes.
If I could 9/10.

Mostly indica-like
Keep it turnted
Mr Xxx.

Amazing CBD Products

Been using the full spectrum relief drops for about 2 weeks now, and wow what a difference is my over well being. Sleep like a baby now, not so much before and my low back pain and knee are a thing of the past. Stay consistent and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.
Thanks MaxxCanna

Delta 8 THC Gummies
Janet Stacey
Best gummies !

It is incredibly amazing how great I sleep when I take one of these gummies . I haven’t slept good in years, until now . Thank you !!

I’ve been sleeping so much better 🙂

I bought the Cola gummies. They taste good and they work! Within about 90 minutes I was ready to sleep. If you’re looking for a calm and mellow hit, give these a try.

on the go High

tried both and they are delicious and good for anxiety!